Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Link love

Drab day dreaming: I am digging these photos of the Rhoads family's ivory, denim, plant, and sun-soaked home. So great. I already have that robe and I'm thinking that's a pretty crucial start. ;-)

from kinfolk- california dreaming

Their own beautiful photography thisaway: we are the rhoads

Monday, March 24, 2014

Beach House

 We also scouted our dream home lot location last weekend. Swoon worthy spot for a pre-fab or awesome container house. Eyes on the horizon.

Last Weekend

Over the weekend we got to do exactly what we bought this house for - to spend the day outside, at the beach, Tocco getting time on the water, me with something great to read, then coming home, fixing a salad from the garden, firing up the grill, a drink, the sunset, talking about the day. Coming back inside I realized my shirt smelled like campfire and it reminded me of our road trip a few years ago - always a sweet, welcome surprise. California! I really love you. Looking forward to so many more spring and summer days around the house with friends and family. 

A few more pics from the weekend after the break