Thursday, July 24, 2014


This is the kind of stuff I can't stand to do. And I'm pretty unhelpful, I have to admit.... but yes, breaking off the decades of paint and scraping away the excess before painting made such a difference. A real pain in the butt, but it looks so pretty and delicate now. Yay T!

Monday, July 21, 2014

New Color!

If you're friends with me or Tocco on Facebook or Instagram you will likely have already seen this, but it's so exciting it has to be shared again! We finally settled on a house color (and it was so last minute, and not the greatest of discussions, and completely scary for me) but we did it. And it looks amazing. LOVE it. It's like a brand new home all over again.
We were glued to the home all day, running from the final game of the World Cup (yay Germany!) to outside, checking on the progress as our home turned from lilac to cream colored primer to blue all day long. Then, by evening of the third day, it finally changed fully to blue and white. And goodbye awning!

And the game. Go Germany!

A win on all fronts. Tequila to celebrate a good day with the painters. I actually did call them to see if they wanted to reschedule and watch the game instead (didn't everybody want to watch?) but they said no... suit yourself!

A last bit of purple: