Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter the Westhood! Last year before our little bunny arrives. Today we are off on a roadtrip south. Have a great day Blumenschein, Midberry, Loberg, and Mayer-Rothbarth families. We miss you!! 

There's not just a baby in there - there's also some serious German food! Prost! ;-)

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Today marks three years since my dad passed away. It seems like such a small number of years, but the changes feel endless. I can hardly wrap my mind around them. That day, three years ago, I was living in an apartment in DC. Tocco and I had just gotten married. T had recently begun commuting to San Francisco for a job that would eventually become full time. I was still teaching 4th grade. I hadn't yet earned my Master's degree. My sister's boys were just 1, 4, and 7. They were living in North Carolina. My mom was teaching with several more years until retirement ahead of her.... 

That Tocco and I moved to California (and experienced all of the memories we've had here) in the time since he died is wild to me. That we were able to buy and renovate an entire home in this time is so hard to believe. I never could have predicted that I was about to make such a huge career change. I finished my degree. Babies were a likely but very distant wish for us three years ago. We were newlyweds. Tocco's mom was still alive. We thought we were moving to NYC and talked to Dad about that. And now, it's all so different. I can feel my daughter (his first granddaughter) kicking me as I type this. I work at a start-up that has gone public. Mom is retiring after 40 years of teaching (and Dad would be so proud of her hard work.) My sister and her family are about to move to Germany. So much... He would have loved to be a part of all of this. I have to remember that he is. Even though I cannot see him, he is everywhere. I half expect some days to walk into the kitchen in Maryland, see him sitting in his chair at the table, listening to some new band, saying something smart, waiting for the wax on his car to dry so he could buff it off. Even though life is crazy some things won't ever change, right? I hope. I really miss you Dad. I love you.

Thursday, February 5, 2015


I've been walking around with a prize lately :)

covering her eyes to sleep...

I haven't really talked about this pregnancy on here yet, I supposed because you want to hit all of these important milestones that mean the baby is safe and sound first. And we have! So here is our daughter in all of her tiny, banana-sized, 10 oz. (this week at least) glory. It has been the most amazing thing in the world to get to have this baby inside and to watch her grow, feel her move, and take a peek in on her through the ultrasound appointments. She is so freaking cute, and so baby-like already. Watching her on the screen, she moves and yawns and hiccups and holds her head in her hands, and covers her eyes and naps. It's adorable and I just want to hold her little head in my hand already.

I took this photo after we saw and heard her heart beat for the very first time. It was beating so strong and fast, like a little hummingbird. My mom was with us, so it was even more special. Such a great moment. 

Now that we are at the halfway 20 week point there are a lot of physical changes going on, and not just with my giant belly. Of course, being us, we have home reno to tackle for the baby. Remember this hall closet? We have always saved it and kept it empty to use as a space for a future baby. So, it's time has come. Thanks to generous family we have amassed quite a collection of baby items already. We cleaned and painted the space and put all of the presents she's gotten in there. It's going to be her little closet. One day, I'd like to turn it into a cool clubhouse for her, with books and wallpaper and pillows and her own favorite whatevers and collections... What kid wouldn't want their own private hide-out?


Baby gifts!

And after. We just need a rack to hang those pint-sized outfits on. :)

And lastly, a few photos from last weekend, on our official halfway mark. That day felt very momentous and it's so wild to think we are on the downhill slide to her birth. Eeeeee!

Go, baby, go!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Last big project completed!

[If anyone can tell me why there is this huge space up above and how to get rid of it I'd appreciate it. The text is all the way to the top of the text box on the edit screen, so I don't know...)

We have had so many small and large renovations completed lately, which, combined with the holidays and a general laziness means I have fallen very behind on updating this blog. ergh. But, behold the latest, greatest, and LAST (yaaahhh!) major home renovation for us! The Garage turned Storage Room! It used to be a scary, cold, damp, dark weird little space with a giant hole leading to the underbelly of the house (which was filled with everything from brand new '80s Samsonite suitcases, 4 track albums, about ten different ladders, folding chairs and tables, etc. .. all left behind by the previous owner) for a full year, but we have now completed it's renovation and it's niiice.

We've never actually fit our car into the garage because Tocco and I have amassed an enormous collection of tools from all of our renovations, which fills the space instead: saws, paints, garden supplies, electric gadgets, glues, fluids, you name it, plus all of the surfing and everyday STUFF needing a home. So this space needed not to be a garage so much as a storage room. We had our trusty contractors, Soto, come over and work some magic. They always deliver. They covered up the big hole on the side where someone unwelcome could hide, patched the walls, added dry wall, and painted so the walls became solid, warm, clean, white, and functional. We also had a new garage door installed since the old one didn't technically lock and could have been opened quite easily from the outside (oops). To top it all off we added brand spankin' new storage solutions, including a rad custom display/storage shelf made by Tocco for all of his kiting/surfing stuff, a few hefty containers, and we are all set. Now the garage feels totally different and 100% warmer. A few photos...

Getting insulated:

New walls:

Painted and purdy:

A new garage door installed:

The mess from the garage now needing to find a new home in the storage room:

Tocco building shelves and racks for all of the kitesurfing/fun outdoor water stuff:

So cool. For a guy who does corporate branding all day he is 100% handy:


Now he can't wait to find his next project. Oh yeah, a crib:

A new makeshift workbench from our kitchen counter leftovers:

We pared down like crazy here. This is about a tenth of the house renovation stuff we've had to buy and use in the last year... yikes!

And everything is so organized now:

A dorky little sign I made Tocco a few years ago:

Yippee! You can (nearly) go in there barefoot if you want. ;-)