Thursday, July 24, 2014

Monday, July 21, 2014

New Color!

If you're friends with me or Tocco on Facebook or Instagram you will likely have already seen this, but it's so exciting it has to be shared again! We finally settled on a house color (and it was so last minute, and not the greatest of discussions, and completely scary for me) but we did it. And it looks amazing. LOVE it. It's like a brand new home all over again.
We were glued to the home all day, running from the final game of the World Cup to outside, checking on the progress as our home turned from lilac to cream colored primer to blue, then, by evening of the third day, to blue and white. (I did call the painters and ask if they wanted to watch the World Cup and reschedule for another day).

And the game. Go Germany!

A win on all fronts. Tequila to celebrate a good day with the painters. 

A last bit of purple:

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Cape Hatteras

[I have no idea why there's this space up here, I can't delete it] It was so good to be with family again last week in Cape Hatteras. It's always way too long in between visits, so it's amazing to have been with everyone again. I'm trying very hard not to be upset that stupid Hurricane Arthur forced us all apart halfway through the trip. There was a mandatory (and our realtors took that to heart, even though we wanted to stay!) evacuation so the trip ended early. Boo. Good thing we soaked up every minute together before that happened. I took tons of photos with my tribe at this beautiful beach, with everyone getting to do their favorite activities... paddleboarding, kitesurfing, bodyboarding, catching crabs, letting off fireworks, building bonfires, chilling in the hot-tub (Pete!), splashing in the pool, catching waves, swimming, or just hanging around catching up. xoxo Til next time! Hopefully very soon...

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Exterior Paint Saga

What should we paint the exterior of our house??? 
This is what it looked like at least a few years ago. I found this by searching the house on Google maps! Try it if you just moved into an older house - maybe it will be a different looking house and you'll get as big of a kick out of seeing how it used to look. Google maps is so amazing.  

This has been a helpful reference for seeing the house colors divided up differently from how it is today. Today the house walls are all one color, I think I like it better this way:

Below is the house in the neighborhood we really like and decided how we want it to look. Nice grey-green, ivory, and red. I think of it as an army jacket, with an ivory shirt and red lipstick in terms of proportions. We bought the paint and tested it, but I just don't love it. The red was too heavy on the green, and not enough white to give the colors a chance to breathe. The reason is our house has white cross bars on the windows, whereas they've painted theirs red. Tocco promises me we shouldn't/can't/do not want to paint our crossbars red, so they must stay white. But then that means that the shutters and trim become red and that throws off the color proportions completely. Read straight on green is too much!  So we can't do that. At all.

Here's the paint sample we were working with and example:

So now I've moved away from the red and am thinking blue-grey as the second color. Steel, slate, nautical, neutral, all good images to me. Plus I think the blue next to the green is easier on the eyes since they are analogous colors, not complementary. 

A few examples around that theme:

And my favorite (for now) and one for which I think I'll buy a sample to test at home. Where they have the "casa blanca" color we'll try something a bit more white:

Other pretty ideas:

What do you think/like? THE PAINTERS ARE COMING THIS WEEKEND. Help! But really, anything is better than what it is now...  puke.

Monday, July 7, 2014


We got back from our amazing vacation to Cape Hatteras yesterday. I can't wait to share some photos. I took a ton! It was soo so nice to be with family again, especially at such a gorgeous beach. Well, until Hurricane Arthur came in and swept us all away... He was definitely not invited to the party but it was so perfect while it lasted. Thanks Mom :)

The view getting there was not shabby... 

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July!

Here are a couple photos from last year when we celebrated from our San Francisco rooftop with Beth and Chris. We could see like, five sets of fireworks from the roof. It was so beautiful and fun to spend it with them. This year we'll be together again, in Cape Hatteras. Can't wait to see everyone (especially those squishy cute nephews of mine) and share photos when I'm back. :)

Saturday, June 28, 2014

DIY Effect

I think the reno effect is starting to rub off on family now. My mom is doing all kinds of stuff to her house and now check out Tocco's sister renovating! And of course she looks chic scraping her wall free from wallpaper xo Love it.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summertime Rolls...

It's summer. Which means I really just want to live the life of someone either in a small southern town, junior high novel, or sleep away camp. Being outside all day, sleeping in a cabin with a front porch, living in swimsuits and caftans, making crafts, staying up late sharing secrets and laughing, sneaking out, having wacko camp counselors/neighbors, a couple of live-changingly cool camp counselors/neighbors, jumping off the docks, learning how to canoe, swimming for hours, music and dancing in the evening, boys, bonfires, all of it. Feeling wild and happy and like everything is ahead of you and you're both young and old at the same time... it's all so summer reading-ish. Having the best summer ever and spending the next year speculating on what will happen next summer, who will be back in town, and what will happen when it finally rolls around again.