Wednesday, April 30, 2014


My friend Caroline just sent me this and it's too funny not to share. What do you do when you have the house to yourself? It's eerie how accurate this is! This week I've a) tried on all of my clothes and put them into giveaway piles, keep piles, question mark piles (I am dealing with the shoes and bags and endless under-things tonight), b) eaten totally random, doesn't go together dinners, including leftovers from the company lunch and Tocco's gummy bears, c) been watching gobs of interviews with people I like on youtube, and dancing and doing bits of yoga in my new robe in the living room. I would also add hanging out in the back garden in said robe, with a drink, watering my plants, spying on the neighbors, listening to music I loved 15 years ago, wondering how much house stuff I have to get done to make T think I can get things done when he's not around, and thinking I hear an intruder. And you? :)
A Cup of Jo

Look who arrived!

Check out this little lady. She showed up at our house this week, all the way from the east coast. It's so funny to see my car again after a year plus apart. I missed her! I And she's paid off, cheaper than Tocco's with gas, and now we can do a little independent zooming: For example, I can go to Ikea while Tocco goes to Home Depot. Bliss. Oh the fun and adventures we will have, la la la! Thanks Mom!

Monday, April 28, 2014


Sunday post-brunch fix :)


I missed a part of that pole on the right. So imagine that finished, and the red floor around it freshly painted.