Thursday, March 20, 2014

Ironing Board---> Cookbook shelf

I love this little project Tocco surprised me with one day after work. You know those long nooks that, back in the day, housed the ironing board? They're really sweet, and I love knowing that our house is old enough to have had such a quaint life- ironing in the kitchen, yellow counter tiles, probably some flowerpots on the windowsills, and some Patsy Cline on the record player or something.   

Less charming is the wild green paint, again. The previous owner had made this nook into the spot for her phone and at the bottom, a special holder for her yellow pages. She probably logged hundreds of hours on that phone, sitting at her kitchen table, like my Mom and Aunt Judy. ;) But since it's 2014 and we need neither a phone, nor the yellow pages, T got to work sanding, scraping and clearing away the old set up. 

Then he made these awesome little T-shelves x4 in his workshop... 

Secured them with special brackets... 

Nailed them in place in equal measures, and painted them white...

And now this old space that was a big eyesore has been transformed into something useful for us, and also so pretty. I really love how natural it looks, like it could have always been there, or that it's a custom built-in we had made from scratch. 

It currently holds my cookbooks and a wedding present from Tocco's mom, Brigitte, which we love. But I can see it changing out with a variety of objects over time.

Thanks Tocco!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I have such extreme wanderlust lately. I have the itch to go somewhere so badly!! It doesn't help that Instagram is seemingly full of nonstop vacation pics. We do live somewhere super vacationy in real life, but our home has been endless messes and renovation for the past 4 months. I am crazy to have my feet in the sand, a good book, cocktail, hammock, warm clear blue water, no reno, and then renting a car and driving around the local area. I realized Tocco and I have only had one vacation together where we stayed put (Montauk/Hamptons). Ordinarily we are zooming around seeing people or road tripping and trying to fit it all in. I'd like to see how we do with a solid stay someplace. For example, that hammock above and wherever that is. x

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Wes Anderson's palettes

It would have been game-over if I'd seen this tumblr before decorating our rooms. I'm definitely into a buying a Steve Zissou blue paint can.

Monday, March 17, 2014

One of those days (We built a fence!)

The day started with a plan, a plan that led to internal anxiety and desperation, even though it was sunny, warm, and beautiful outside. But there was this plan, something we didn't account for, a thing, our fence - the neighbors complained since the first day about it, that it wasn't willing or able to stand on its own any longer. We tried everything to avoid a repair, but no matter what, as soon as there was a breeze, the fence fall in the direction of the wind.

Same procedure as usual. Since we don't want to waste too much time fixing the fence, it means we get up early, and since Home Depot opens at 6:00 a.m., it shouldn't be too hard to save some hours by getting a head start. What do we need - we guessed around 6 new posts, between each post two beams, one on top, one at the bottom, concrete to fix the post in it's deep hole, which we need to dig, hundreds of screws, motivation, steam as long as there is steam. Off we go!

The tools to demo the old fence, and carefully please, we want to reuse the old panels since they look kinda cute, much better than 50 yards of brand new shiny ones.

This is the old sucker, only still standing because last time the wind came from the south, so the fence could lean against the tiny little orange tree you see behind the fence, don't know who was helping whom here, the tree to hold the fence or the fence trying to cover this little sad looking tree.

The rest of the story after the break...

Last weekend

Major front yard reno

From the ickiest front lawn to the second ickiest. We have a long way to go in the front. But man, we worked hard last (and this) weekend. 

The plan this first spring in the house is gaining control and getting rid of all of the things we don't like, as opposed to adding new plants. So, last weekend we hauled away tons of rocks, a few wild "hay" plants, a few chunks of dead lavender, our weight in weeds, and then Tocco trimmed the dreaded juniper bushes that he says he has to get drunken to shape just right. ;) Eventually, we'll remove all those little stones too. Want 'em? 

We ran out to buy a wheelbarrow to transport some of these insanely heavy rocks from the front yard to the back. Not quite sure what to do with them ultimately - considering building a short wall with them and filling the insides with soil and succulents. That could look good? At the very least they're in the backyard, collected, instead of in the front, for now.

We're exhausted. Bye!