Friday, July 10, 2015

When Strangers Meet / Happy 5th Anniversary!

Two things occurred to me this week (in between having a BABY :) ...  

1) Tocco and I met 5 years ago this week, and 2) I never shared the blog post Airbnb wrote about us and how we met. So here it is. Photos by the wonderfully talented Lauren Fleishman - also check out her beautiful book, The Lovers. So glad to have had this opportunity to share our story... I can hardly believe where a chance encounter on the other side of the world has led us. Happy year 5 Tocco! Love you! I can only imagine where the next 5 takes us. <3 Here's the link in case you wanted to see the post... When Strangers Meet: A Berlin Love Story

A gift from Tocco of places we had visited together, and memories we'd made, before I returned home to the States:

The note I found on my apartment door the day that we met: 


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