Monday, February 17, 2014


Saturday started out with big ideas and really good intentions. We went to the Home Depot (where they now say "See you tomorrow!!"to us) bought all of our stuff and set up shop. We each had our own project to tackle that day, and we went to work for hours, barely seeing each other. I think we were both pretty cheerful for about 6 of those hours. But then I hated the color of the steps and caused a stink and things kind of tumbled down. 

There we were, covered in sweat, dust, dirt, and pollen, and I started to feel like everything we were doing was actually something other than we intended. Everything started to flip in my mind. Like, you think you're making the stairs clean and great looking, but really you're making them a horrible pecan orange color that makes you ill it's such a disappointment. 

You think you're sanding the steps to be smooth, but really you're just getting sanding dust everywhere and on everything. Including the new carpet and desks.

You think you're making the garden a nice place to be, but really you're just breaking your back trying to pull a heavyweight anchor of root out of the ground. And your ruining your shoes. And jeans.

You think you're clearing away two of the three plants that were inexplicably planted on top of one another, but really you're just filling your eyes, nose, and mouth with pollen and old plant dust.

You think you're working together, but really you're just cranky and tired and irritating each other. And so on...
Thankfully, we eventually cleaned Saturday up and put it to bed. Sunday was a different story entirely; all of these projects seemed to turn a corner, and things became much more manageable, and the good stuff started to happen. Yay:)  

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  1. I cannot believe all of these spaces went from THAT (above) to the "after" pics. You two are freaking miracle workers!!