Monday, March 3, 2014

Crown Beach Restoration

Saturday's amazing sunset was too good not to share. That's San Francisco on the right. Sometimes it's even prettier to see it from a distance, all at once, than to be inside of it. 
Alameda just completed a major sand restoration project on this beach. Erosion had wiped away the majority of the sand over the years so the beach was really just a sandy cliff with a little strip to walk on. It's also a popular spot for kitesurfing, paddleboarding and kayaking so sometimes it felt a little crowded just hanging out there. Since we've lived in the area we've seen ships in the distance pulling up sand from the Bay floor. Now they've put that sand back onto the beach, and recreated it. The improvement is stunning! The water is so shallow for the first 100 yards or so that reflections from the clouds just pop against the water. My new favorite spot. 

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