Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I have such extreme wanderlust lately. I have the itch to go somewhere so badly!! It doesn't help that Instagram is seemingly full of nonstop vacation pics. We do live somewhere super vacationy in real life, but our home has been endless messes and renovation for the past 4 months. I am crazy to have my feet in the sand, a good book, cocktail, hammock, warm clear blue water, no reno, and then renting a car and driving around the local area. I realized Tocco and I have only had one vacation together where we stayed put (Montauk/Hamptons). Ordinarily we are zooming around seeing people or road tripping and trying to fit it all in. I'd like to see how we do with a solid stay someplace. For example, that hammock above and wherever that is. x


  1. Check GroupOn for cheap tickets to Hawaii!! You guys are the only people on earth who can actually use those vouchers since you live so close! I bet you could find a great deal! And our beach trip is coming up fast… that'll be an entire week of sand and sun and sitting still! :)

    1. Just signed up again! Looking forward to that NC beach!! I think we'll fly into Fayetteville.