Friday, May 30, 2014

Skinny bench

I love that this article came out about Gwyneth Paltrow. She's so divisive! People certainly love to hate her since she sticks her foot in her mouth on the reg. Her analogies could definitely use some work. I think it all began when she started Goop, but that's also when she started releasing cookbooks. So my interest in her has only grown. G.P., actress? meh. G.P., cookbook author? Yus. Try wrestling her panko chicken recipe from My Father's Daughter from T's diehard grip. That's all he ever asks for. Last month I got her newest book and I think it's even better than the first. The recipes are so far delicious, it's a nice read, the photos are beautiful, and all so healthy and simple to make. I think it's just a matter of upgrading the pantry little by little and then you're all set. This goes perfectly with my (and by, default, Tocco's) Whole 30 plan, which begins June 1. The last two weeks have been a slow creep toward go time, kind of observing what we already have and use and what needs to go. On June 1 there will be no dairy, no sugars of any kind, no alcohol (eeps), no breads, etc. up in here. Thankfully a few friends are either fully (go Ashley!) or partially doing it too, so I think we'll keep each other on track. Right?

Last night's G.P. recipe was really good! Tocco tends to think any dinner without meat is just a side, but even he was happy with this - roasted cauliflower and chickpeas (which I know aren't allowed in Whole 30, but that starts in a few days) fresh Italian parsley, a little salt, pepper, evoo, grainy and dijon mustard. Mix it up and your good to go. Really tasty and satisfying, and it's fun to work with vegetables outside our of usual salad. For example. Tocco also recently put fresh carrots with our ground beef and tomatoes. Did it work out? What do you think? 

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  1. Yum!!!!! That all sounds and looks amazing!!