Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summertime Rolls...

It's summer. Which means I really just want to live the life of someone either in a small southern town, junior high novel, or sleep away camp. Being outside all day, sleeping in a cabin with a front porch, living in swimsuits and caftans, making crafts, staying up late sharing secrets and laughing, sneaking out, having wacko camp counselors/neighbors, a couple of live-changingly cool camp counselors/neighbors, jumping off the docks, learning how to canoe, swimming for hours, music and dancing in the evening, boys, bonfires, all of it. Feeling wild and happy and like everything is ahead of you and you're both young and old at the same time... it's all so summer reading-ish. Having the best summer ever and spending the next year speculating on what will happen next summer, who will be back in town, and what will happen when it finally rolls around again. 

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