Friday, June 6, 2014

Tocco, Super(handy)man

I have to say, I'm really impressed by Tocco. He is, without a doubt, the hero of this house renovation. I came home yesterday to find the kitchen counters half demo'ed (the second half getting done today) and new counters measured, cut, sanded and installed. He told me going in that he could do all of this stuff, but it's hard to believe until it's actually happened (several times over).

It would take me weeks, if not months (or years) to get up the nerve to take a sledgehammer to perfectly fine countertops and tile, without ever having done it before. You need a ton of confidence to do these things and be sure you can get them done correctly, in a good style, and in just a day or two. To know that you're not only smart enough, but resourceful enough, and creative enough to do it (not just on this project, but countless others, very big and very small). This is not to say that he's always right or we always agree (see: basement steps, # of coats of paint required, exterior paint color, and whatever else we've disagreed on). But still. Awesomeness

Proud of you, T. Keep up the good work. xo

No, it's not finished. No, there won't be three colors painted on our cabinets. Yes to the gray and white. 

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