Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Friday we went to our favorite local beach after work. I met T with two vodka lemonades, a camera, and all of his kiting equipment. It was a kind of farewell surf session for him and his friend since his buddy was moving away the next day. It's pretty sweet to be the only ones on the beach as it gets dark. It feels so summery, like you have endless time, and the colors are so soft and pretty. But then it gets very cold, and everyone's cup needs a refill and it's time to go. 

T's friend came over to hang out for the rest of the evening. This guy knows his sails - he has two engineering degrees and was hired to figure out how to make sails even more streamlined, and faster, for America's Cup sailboats. Not a small gig. But what cracked me up was Tocco! This guy totally knows his sport. Every step of the conversation Tocco was like, oh yeah, this and that, sails, sails, sails, past, present, and future. Not only that, he knew endless sail variations, has tried them all out, and also knows the English and the German words for all the parts. I tried not to be too amused. But I was loving it. This is why I call this water boy Salty

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  1. I love T and his passion for the water! I bet that guy was impressed too!