Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hey look at these cool guys

On our road trip to Monterey we bought tickets to the whale show. Just kidding, we bought tickets to the PACIFIC OCEAN because this is no show. These are real killer and humpback whales, in REAL life, doing their thing. If you have time go see them now. They'll be back again with their babies in March. We saw a whole family of killer whales and it was so unusual that the captain radio'd for local marine biologists to come out and study them. So cool. The rest of the trip we kept our eyes trained on the horizon and even from the sand, once in a while, we could see a big spray far out, from a whale. 

More pics after the jump

There were no less than 8 pukers on the boat (see blue shirt). Anti-nausea bands are where it's at!

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