Monday, September 8, 2014

The Yellow Kite

Tocco won a bet against me (what the heck!) and got a kitesurfing photo shoot as a result. Good for you T-dog, you deserve it.  The photos aren't behaving and won't stay where I put them, so they're out of order, but no biggie. You can see T in all of his glory in any order. When you do look at these, know that you are seeing this man doing his favorite things pretty much EVER in the world: kitesurfing, hanging out with his girl, watching the sunset, vodka-lemonading, talking to all kinds of other surfers, being at the beach. Behold:


  1. Just for clarification, the bet was who will be Andy's choice on last seasons bachelorette, I won! ;-)

  2. So very awesome! I love T's commitment and dedication to the water and his sport!