Monday, October 13, 2014

The State of the Union

We haven't done much renovating lately, as you may have been able to tell from the lack of posts. But then last week we jumped in again with three projects in one week. So much for living stress-free. The upstairs bathroom has been gutted and will be completely redone, and the kitchen is losing the laminate flooring for a simple upgrade. We also had the kitchen's plumbing and electric fiddled with to make it possible for us to have a dishwasher! Heaven. Tocco built a cabinet to house it and shaped a counter for the top. It's so awesome having the dishwasher and extra counter space. We are also starting to update the electric on the house. Ours provides something like 40 amps, and code has now moved up to around 200 amps. It's been totally fine so far, but we have to be careful not to wash clothes and our dishes and run the hair dryer at the same time. No biggie so far, but good to get done. Here are photos of the gross bathroom before work one day, and the even grosser bathroom, and kitchen floor when we returned home from work! It should all be done in about 5 more days... cannot wait!

And after work, checking out phase one of renovation. Psyched to find no leaks or water damage anywhere.

Wooden floors in the kitchen! As we hoped. But it doesn't match the rest of the hardwood and isn't quite as nice, so covered up again it gets... 


  1. So exciting! Where are the "after" pics? Don't leave us hanging! :)

  2. Mmm, kay. This is unsat. Don't tell me nothing has occurred since these photos. Where is the update? Mmm, kay.

    1. still not done... getting closer... tomorrow is the finale. mirror and tub done yesterday! i'm assigning that post to Tocco to write. :)