Thursday, January 23, 2014

Basement Blues

This week has really been all about the basement-- and it's been awesome. We decided to let someone else do some of the work!

 Aside from having the hardwood floors sanded (the week before we moved in) this is the only place where we did the demo, looked around, and said, "You know what? No. We don't wanna. Let's hire somebody." It was kind of weird to leave our home in someone's hands, but also incredibly gratifying to come home to work completed.  


So charming.

After we ripped everything out:

The previous owners updated the electric in the basement (yay) but didn't repair the walls and just plastered the wood paneling on top of the holes (boo). This made the basement very chilly and in need of a lot more work. Calling in the contractors.

This week we came home to this: 

Holes gone, walls patched!

T admires the work. He can spend an hour looking at I don't even know what down there.  :) 

It's so much warmer down there! Huge difference already. Now, we finish it up ourselves and get the floors leveled and carpeted. 


  1. Wow, what a difference already! What color are you planning to paint the walls? What's all down in the basement besides a bathroom?

    1. That's pretty much it. There's a door to the garage, and a door to the backyard. It's going to be an office (or eventually, the guest room). We're going to paint it the rejected bedroom color- a pale blue.