Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Dining Room

When we bought the house the dining room looked like this:

Yikes! It looks like a dollhouse.

The carpet from hell. 

We ripped out the carpet, and spent hours of pulling out nails, staples and carpet bits....

But when we had the floors sanded, it was worth it. Perfect floors! It was like the boards were preserved under that carpet for decades. 

The chandelier was left behind by the previous owner, as you can see above. When the room was empty and we we were painting and working on the space, we kept bumping into all those crystals. It was almost comical how we kept making it swing. It was like we just couldn't see it! I could not wait to replace it. But then! We added our own stuff, more of a midcentury vibe, and somehow the chandelier started to make more sense, and now we love it. 

Got very ambitious and had our first dinner party the week we moved in...

And here it is on a regular work/mail day. The process of homeownership documentation/ bill paying/ loan paperwork is scary business. We're a little terrified we'll screw it up. 


  1. 1. Love the blog name.
    2. So glad you took my advice and started one. :)
    3. Thank you for not making me type in random numbers and letters every time I want to leave a message!
    4. LOVE the white and wood look you posted!

    1. Thank you for giving my blog it's 1st comments- beating Tocco by several months I'm guessing.
      Thanks for recognizing the lack of captcha crap. And thanks for the push to start this- it's fun!

  2. … and I also love what you've done with this room already and that you've decided to keep the chandelier! So charming and also a nice reminder for you both.