Saturday, February 8, 2014

Saturday a.m.

Just kidding about it never raining around here, since it's been going for a week straight now! Not that anyone's complaining; the drought was getting pretty bad and we can't have that. But the totally-soaked ground makes the weekend plans to construct garden boxes and start a veggie-patch a little tricky, so maybe another project will step up instead. or... I'll just hang a picture or two and call it a day. Currently setting up my workspace in the basement, which Tocco has just told me is "three-quarters man cave, one-quarter your stuff." whatever, man. I thought man caves were strange american men inventions? ;-) Tocco's standard saturday morning stay-at-home soundtrack currently playing...

Thinking about catching this  before it leaves the theaters (soon?) and staying dry and toasty this weekend. 

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