Monday, February 10, 2014


This weekend was a little bit blah. Everyone's a little under the weather, and the rain is incessant. I think we're on 7 days and nights of nothing but at this point. Of course it's good and we need it, but it's getting a little tough. 

The good side is that things are happening in the garden now; it's pretty sweet to explore the back and see what's coming up. I especially like the neon orange guys that have shot through. We haven't planted anything of our own yet, but we're getting there.

 One major weekend highlight: Tocco kicked ass at some very custom basement baseboards. I think they may actually deserve their own little post one day.

The garage was transformed over the weekend into a workshop complete with a massive new rotary cutter we bought this weekend... that thing is legit. I'm a little scared of it. :) 

What else? The Olympics. More rain. Keeping cozy.

Around the house

that funny rabbit hole is from T drilling a spot for my cords.

I hope the rain goes away next weekend. We need a sunny beach trip asap!

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