Sunday, March 30, 2014

Rain Date

Our housewarming party got rained out! Too bad. But it was a seriously good call on canceling it. We're not trying to get mud errywhere. And really, it's enough to ask car-less friends to come to San Leandro on a good day - who wants to do it in the rain? Who even wants to go outside? It worked out. Tocco and I had much to discuss and some great friends came over anyway, and it was perfect.

This dude came over and was like, I'm a party of one. I can do it allll myself. So much so she needed a bath before coming back in and passing out on the couch. Oh Dora! Who are you, even?


  1. oh, STOP IT. you need one of those teeny tiny (kinda ugly) dogs asap!!!! I want one myself!! actually, i need to get hot on that before chris comes home….

  2. like, seriously. i'm like white on rice to finding me a twin of that dude above.

    1. That dog was so ridic. Snorting, wheezing, huffing, scrambling all around. Having her way with the place. Having to get hosed down. I wanted to smoosh her... in a loving way.