Thursday, April 3, 2014


I have had waaay better luck transferring plants into containers before (it was a 7 a.m. hot mess), but that doesn't lessen the love I have for this succulent arrangement my sister and nephews sent over for good wishes in the house, plant style! I love them so much! Thank you!


  1. Oh good! Did it come OUT of the white ceramic container, or did you just move it around? Sounds like you made more work for yourself! :) So glad you guys enjoyed the little pick-me-up! xoxox

    1. The plant soil was wrapped tightly in plastic, so I removed that, dropped it in, but then it was way too low in the container. So I took it out again to add more soil and the plant shape fell apart. :( but the good news is there's enough plants in there I can split them into two containers and everyone will have room to flex. :)