Friday, May 16, 2014


This month has been such a good one for mementos. Tocco came home with artwork, photo albums, and beautiful pieces from his childhood in Chile and Germany one day, and then the next, my car arrived from the east coast filled to the brim by my Mom. I think she was trying to lighten the load at her house, but I am happy for it. I got my stereo set, records, record player, pots and pans, garden supplies, party supplies, and all kind of randoms that I'm wondering... Where do I store you, little random? But I can't complain because love it. I'm so sentimental about stuff and I love holding onto things and bringing them out again another time for another look. So when I uncovered the wrapping on this sign, I was pretty speechless. It's a childhood relic. When we were kids, our house backed up to the start of a small forest. Set just inside of the forest was a full playground my Dad built for my sister and I. It was made entirely of wood, entirely by him, and it was very, very cool. There was a see-saw made out of a wheelbarrow, and I distinctly remember playing on that, and balancing on the balance beam, then hanging around on the hanging bars. At the entrance of the playground, high up on two poles, was this sign. I feel like even then I knew it was special. None of the other kids had a playground built for them by their Dads. It makes me appreciate him so much. So the sign arrived at our home and it made me think of all these great mornings as a kid. We didn't step foot into the house on the weekend or after school until dinnertime, and then when it was time to come home Dad would stick his two pinkies into his mouth and wolf whistle us home. No phone calls, no watches, just wolf whistles. Or how on each weekend morning Dad had always said that was his time with us girls, so we went straight out into the sun with him to spend the morning. No hanging around watching cartoons in pjs all morning. We were outside playing, marching along while he mowed the grass, running through the sprinkler, eating sunflower seeds, finding turtles, all that good stuff. This sign is going on our mantle. 


  1. Meg......your post brought back so many wonderful memories. Thank you for that. I am so happy the sign has finally found a new home, with you. I love you! Mom

  2. I am just now seeing this post. I love every word you wrote! Please post a picture of the sign on your new mantle!! Love you.