Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Crissy Field Day

Over the weekend, Tocco and his buddy had the (brilliant? stupid?) idea to hire a guy with a boat to drop them off at the mouth of the Pacific, under the Golden Gate Bridge to kitesurf. Apparently, that's where the "good" wind is. But dude didn't show up on time so T and his friend went out on their own, into a swarm of other kiters at Crissy Field. I have no interest in doing this sport myself, but I must say it's amazing to watch. All of these huge sails, kites, windboarders, and sailboats on the water, doing their thang under the GGB is a sight to see. 

T and his happy place. 

The downside is it's soooo super windy out there when he does this! I was hanging around fairly ok with getting sand in my eyes until I lost both my coffee, and my hat then had to call it, and go back to the car. Them's the breaks. 

Notice there are no humans on the beach but kiters and their stuff? Yep, TOO WINDY.
But we had a really good time. It always feels special to come back to this spot which I would claim is the best spot in SF. Afterwards, the wind died down and we warmed up with a change of clothes, beers and company with a friend. Solid.

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  1. Crissy Field… how I ache to return!! BEST PLACE ON EARTH! Especially with you guys!! xo