Monday, January 27, 2014

Over the Weekend

We had a great weekend! We finished painting the basement...

Enjoyed the new, less glowsticky, kitchen view...

Had a little dinner party, which began and ended with this lovely Humboldt blue fog cheese, which is now my favorite ever...

Like a little cake.

On Sunday, Tocco and I pulled ourselves out of the house for some fresh air. This is the San Andreas Fault, on the way to Half Moon Bay, which has become our favorite weekend escape. Every once in a while the air smells so summery on this road I instantly think we're back on our big summer road trip a few years ago. We even went through this same spot then, so it makes perfect sense.

When we arrived at Half Moon Bay I left T on a bench and took a jog around the beach neighborhoods. It's hard to do much running because I always stop to take pictures. I found this sweet small turquoise house and love it. We're always playing around with which place we'd buy if we could have a beach house, and I'll add this one to the list.

It sat right on the cliff's edge, facing the Pacific Ocean. The mailbox even had our red VW Nalu bus on it, so it's kind of perfect.

Beachy plants. The air was really clean and misty.

Ran back and Tocco wasn't where I left him... searching, searching, follow my eyes to the ocean, down the cliff, and ahhh... of course.

My little beach bum. ;)

Tocco told me to just jump, like he did. I managed not to break anything, and the lady next to us gave me a beer with a laugh.

Back home, I started messing around in the backyard. The guys who helped with the basement took the old shed that was rusting in the back off our hands for free. I love them. I was so psyched to get rid of it. It looks so much fresher in that back corner. I can't wait to start planning out what to do back there. 

Already found fresh mint. Helloooo spring salad.

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