Monday, January 27, 2014

quick bedroom before and after

*let it be known, the 'before' pics are from before we moved in. as in, not our dolls.

the bedroom was the first room we completed, and we hadn't thought to take any photos of the work as we were going through it. but here's the after with all of the shots from when rose still lived here. you can imagine the work. every single surface was redone. i think it was worth it.

all of the before shots.... 

before *shudder*After! I love this room

In person, the blue is a darker creamy slate color, and I want to paint every bedroom this color forever.


  1. I LOVE IT!!!!!! I only wish you'd put all the before pictures first so I would've been surprised by the final product. I love the color walls and the bedding and all of the art work you guys hung. Magazine-perfect!!

  2. Also… what's with the doll in the "before" closet? AHHHH!!!! ha ha ha...

  3. Tons of questions... what is this headboard/bedframe? What color are the walls?

    1. The furniture is from West Elm:

      The walls are two colors. One wall darker than the rest. I think the bottom two here are the ones we chose. From Home Depot: