Sunday, January 26, 2014

Going, going, gone

Today I want to escape.

Photo by Max Wanger's Life Book

This morning we finished painting the basement... hallelujah! Tocco did most of it, and he's no complainer, but let me tell you, it was tough. Mainly because yesterday he put 5 full coats on it in one day (2 ceiling, 1 primer, 2 wall color) and gave himself tennis elbow/body. I did the edging. Then we hosted a dinner party with great friends and laughed and relaxed, which was so good, and necessary.

To celebrate another room nearly done we are getting out of the house today, and turning ourselves over the the beach. It has, nearly overnight, turned into 100% Spring here. The birds are chirping. It's the kind of weather where you have to be outside soaking it up. I hope it's warming up where you are too. We are outta heeere.

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